December 15, 2017

Quantum Computing and Lawyers…

Quantum Computing and Lawyers…Encryption, cryptography, blockchain, securities, the military, etc. Though very basic, here’s a brief discussion that shows lawyers are in view of the

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Now or Never, Sooner or Later…

Now or Never, Sooner or Later…Waiting for quantum computers to crack your encryption before you implement symmetric encryption? This report from Deloitte Insights will emphasize

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Looking back at 2017…

Looking back at 2017…China’s Micius satellite takes the cake; here’s a succinct recap of its purported accomplishments. Quantum key distribution (QKD), proving entanglement’s utility, photon

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100 Million times better?

100 Million times better?  Aussies are at it again. Researchers in Sydney have managed to reduce fuzzy results from quantum sensors. Methods are said to

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