Sandia National Laboratories Puts Funding Toward Quantum Computing, Partnerships

Sandia National Laboratories Puts Funding Toward Quantum Computing, Partnerships.  
Three new projects led by Sandia aim to bring quantum computing to light. Funded at $42 million by the Department of Energy, the programs are expected to be with us for the next 3 to 5 years.

The three newest efforts are:

A quantum computing “testbed” with accessible components on which industrial, academic and government researchers can run their own algorithms.

A suite of test programs to measure the performance of quantum hardware.

Classical software to ensure reliable operation of quantum computing testbeds and coax the most computational utility from them.

The effort joins government and academic partners working in collaboration on the three efforts.  Partnerships with the Sandia-led projects include the California Institute of Technology, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Dartmouth College, Duke University, the University of Maryland and Tufts University.

U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry announced funding for the research last fall, proclaiming, “At a time of fierce international com­petition, these investments will ensure sustained American leadership in a field likely to shape the long-term future of information processing and yield multiple new technologies that benefit our economy and society.”

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