Tuning Your Quantum Computer by Taking the Human out of the Loop

Tuning Your Quantum Computer by Taking the Human out of the Loop

AI automatic tuning delivers step forward in Quantum computing

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+  In prototype semiconductor quantum computers, the standard way to correct these imperfections is by adjusting input voltages to cancel them out. This process is known as tuning. However, identifying the right combination of voltage adjustments needs a lot of time even for a single quantum device. This makes it virtually impossible for the billions of devices required to build a useful general-purpose quantum computer.

By tuning away the differences between quantum devices, [scientists] hope to make large quantum circuits feasible and unleash the potential of quantum technologies in fields ranging from medicine to cryptography.

+  Lead author Dr Natalia Ares, from Oxford University’s Department of Materials, says: ‘The difficulty in tuning has so far been a major hindrance for building large quantum circuits, since this task quickly becomes intractable. We have demonstrated that the tuning of our quantum devices can be done fully automatically using machine learning. This demonstration shows a promising route towards the scalability of quantum processors.’

+  Dr Ares says: ‘We were surprised that the machine was better than humans in the laboratory, we have been learning how to efficiently tune quantum devices for years. For humans, it requires training, knowledge about the physics of the device and a bit of intuition!

+  ‘Our ultimate goal is to fully automate the control of large quantum circuits, opening the path to completely new technologies which harness the particularities of quantum physics.’

Source:  University of Oxford News & Events.  University of Oxford News & Events,  AI automatic tuning delivers step forward in Quantum computing…

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