Synthesizing and Analyzing Quantum Circuits at the Fundamental Level

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Classiq Enables a New Way to Design Quantum Algorithms

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+  Classiq addresses the challenges in the development of quantum computing by bridging the gap of complex quantum logic. The company builds a new layer of the quantum software stack, increasing the level of abstraction and allowing developers to implement their ideas and concepts without the need to design the specific quantum circuit at the gate level.

In an interview with EE Times Europe, Yuval Boger, chief marketing officer at Classiq, said that while algorithms for quantum computers have so far been built using low-level tools with high development times, Classiq’s platform aims to model these algorithms at a much higher level of abstraction. “It basically provides the quantum equivalent of chip design tools for conventional systems provided by companies like Cadence. This capability will improve the design and implementation techniques,” said Boger.


+  The concept behind designing quantum algorithms is to translate code into qubits so that quantum technology can develop at a much faster pace and with much less uncertainty. “Instead of coding at the gate level, you can create a model to coordinate your algorithm and then synthesize this model into code at the gate level, taking into account the various operational constraints at the hardware level. This will make it easy to port from one architecture to another,” Boger concluded.

+  Classiq is based on a variant of Python through which you write quantum constraints on what your circuit wants to achieve. Then, the circuit is synthesized to be processed by the quantum architecture. Boger argues that, as the technology improves, developers will need to have less of an understanding of how real qubits behave. Classiq’s mission, after all, is to provide an additional layer of abstraction on top of the hardware. At the same time, though, developers can optimize their algorithms for specific quantum computing hardware.

Source:  EE Times EUROPE.  ,  Classiq Enables a New Way to Design Quantum Algorithms…

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