Tracking Every Quantum State, Visualizing Quantum Circuits Made Simpler With Data Analytica Quantum Simulation Software

Data Analytica Just Released Their New Quantum Computing Simulation Software

The Data Analytica quantum simulator is available now. By following the source code, the actual implementation of the Hadamard, Pauli, or CNOT (to name a few) gates can be studied. The same holds true for the quantum wave and how a measurement is applied. The simulator allows tracking every quantum state and is able to visualize the developed quantum circuit diagrams. Data Analytica has already used the simulator to study quantum neural networks and quantum random walks (for quantum robotics related projects).

Data Analytica Just Released Their New Quantum Computing Simulation Software

Data Analytica focuses on quantum & classical data projects. The company’s core business is in AI related ventures in robotics, physics, chemistry, finance and research. Quantum computing and AI are both transformational technologies, and some classical AI algorithms do require quantum computing to achieve significant improvements in time and quality.

Data Analytica has been working in quantum mechanics since the late 1980’s, and as a company, has a combined experience of over 150 years in AI, classical computing, as well as quantum computing. The firm has its roots in IBM research, CERN, and MIT and balances its workload between actual hardware & software design/development and research.

It is paramount that companies educate themselves now on what quantum computing implies and how it will change their business landscape. To aid in this journey, Data Analytica offers next to quantum consulting, classical as well as quantum computing classes that are offered either on-site or over the Internet.

Please contact Data Analytica with any questions. All the classes can be custom-tailored, and all of Data Analytica’s hardware & software is designed and developed in the US & the UK.

Contact: Data Analytica, Dom Heger, 512-773-1938,

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