NIST and SRI International to Lead U.S. Quantum Economic Development Consortium


NIST and SRI International to Lead U.S. Quantum Economic Development Consortium.  Recent focus on quantum computing and the U.S.’s perceived lagging behind China’s efforts have accelerated the White House to push research and development of this nascent technology.  The Department of Commerce has directed the National Institute of Standards and Technology to establish a forum for industry and government collaboration on developing a quantum economy. 

To comply, NIST, along with SRI International will enable the QEDC to:

  • Determine workforce needs essential to the development of quantum technologies
  • Provide efficient public-private sector coordination
  • Identify technology solutions for filling gaps in research or infrastructure
  • Highlight use cases and grand challenges to accelerate development efforts, foster sharing of intellectual property, develop efficient supply chains, technology forecasting and quantum literacy

The QEDC’s charter, governing its activities, will be vetted over the next several months through workshops and other working groups. 

This report is found here at CHIPS…  

The NIST’s article on the QEDC is here…


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