Proof Positive: Disruptive Technologies Increasing Corporate Bottom Line

Proof Positive: Disruptive Technologies Increasing Corporate Bottom Line.  
IBM released 4th quarter 2018 earnings this week.  The company’s strategic imperatives, including “IBM Cloud, Power9 and its AI-related initiatives” were given one of the reasons behind the positive growth.  Increasing demand for cloud services, artificial intelligence (AI), and security, contributed to the full-year revenue growth.  Also noted in the reporting was the successful installation of Power9-based supercomputing systems at two U.S. Department of Energy national laboratories.  The quantum nexus for IBM’s revenue generated by disruptive technologies is the world’s first commercial quantum computer available on the IBM Cloud.  As recently reported, “ExxonMobil is already using [the IBM Cloud] to help address its most complex business challenges, such as energy exploration and chemicals manufacturing.”

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