ColdQuanta Teams with University of Wisconsin to Scale Qubits

ColdQuanta Teams with University of Wisconsin to Scale Qubits.  
A spinoff company from the University of Colorado, ColdQuanta, is making a strategic investment in quantum computing in conjunction with a sponsored research award to the University of Wisconsin–Madison.  This first award funds development of core performance aspects of the quantum computer; effectively making the system suitable for commercialization.

ColdQuanta sees the partnership with UW-Madison as accelerating their “efforts toward an engineering-driven product roadmap.”  UW was selected as an ideal candidate due to the school’s quantum computing design.  With ColdQuanta’s research and knowledge base in scaling qubits, the design of the UW system will permit rapid scaling of quantum bits, or qubits.

Presently, the lack of scaling the number of qubits throughout the budding industry is seen as a major challenge.  At the same time, great numbers of qubits are needed to produce quantum computer systems which are able to routinely and broadly solve problems classical systems cannot.

Says Timothy Day, Executive Chairman for ColdQuanta: “The approach is further enabled by ColdQuanta’s unique and highly-compact cold atom subsystem.  We are committed not only to the development of this potentially disruptive quantum computing architecture, but also to the commercialization of related quantum devices.”

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