U.S. Quantum Key Distribution Leader a Finalist in SXSW 2019

U.S. Quantum Key Distribution Leader a Finalist in SXSW 2019.  
Quantum Xchange, a Bethesda, Maryland, company, has been chosen as a one of five finalists to demonstrate their accomplishment at the South by South West Interactive Innovation Awards, March 9.

From their news release: “A quantum computer’s ability to break the RSA coding system will render almost all current channels of communication insecure.  This means anything password protected will be easily hackable.  In response, Quantum Xchange built the first quantum-secured network in the U.S. enabling organizations to send unbreakable encryption keys over any distance.  Quantum Xchange’s QKD service, Phio, extends the life of existing encryption investments through its quantum communications technology and leverages the properties of quantum mechanics to transmit and receive quantum cryptographic keys between entities.”

About the awards.   “Quantum Xchange is one of 65 companies across 13 categories that will display their technology during the Interactive Innovation Awards Showcase on March 9, alongside the most impressive projects from fields such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, health, medicine and biotech, robotics and hardware, smart cities, virtual reality, and more.”

“During the showcase, the Innovation Awards judges will experience each project hands-on and vote to determine the winner of each category, as well as the winner of the Best of Show Award.  Attendees of SXSW will also have the chance to vote for their top choice to win the People’s Choice Award, which will be revealed along with all of the 2019 winners at the SXSW Awards Ceremony on March 11.”

News release is found at Quantum Xchange…


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