IBM Q System One: Too Soon?

IBM Q System One: Too Soon?  
IBM’s unveiling of Q System One is indicative of the confidence that quantum is coming.  But at what pace?

Quantum computing’s unattainable cost for most corporations, and many governments, shackled to a crisis of the global lack of highly-technical skillsets as of yet largely undefined, will hinder potential for this new technology.  Though these challenges are substantial, the benefits of quantum computing exist.

“[I]n the long run, this means better, more advanced technology overall, for all of us.  Quantum measurement devices are more accurate.  Quantum imaging devices can produce better pictures.  Quantum batteries can charge faster.  Quantum cybersecurity offers better protection.  And quantum computers can solve problems no classical computer could ever hope to.” 

Success comes when opportunity meets preparation.  The opportunity for Q System One and other quantum computers is there; but are we prepared?

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