Microsoft Opens Up The Microsoft Quantum Network

Microsoft Opens Up The Microsoft Quantum Network. 
February 28th, the Microsoft team held its inaugural startup summit formalizing a coalition dubbed the Microsoft Quantum Network. 

Through the MQN, individuals and organizations work directly with Microsoft “to advance quantum computing, develop practical applications, and build the quantum workforce of the future.”

“The Microsoft Quantum Network is our commitment to establishing the partnerships required to build the quantum workforce and the quantum economy,” Todd Holmdahl, Corporate Vice President of Azure Hardware Systems Group at Microsoft, said during the summit.  “We believe both are vital to solving some of the world’s toughest problems.” 

Quantum software and algorithm development is a key piece to the coalition’s focus.  During the summit, the team welcomed HQS Quantum Simulations, a quantum computing company developing quantum algorithms for chemical applications.  Also welcomed was Rahko, “a quantum machine–learning company developing scalable quantum chemistry solutions for near-term quantum computers and beyond.”

Microsoft has committed to developing the world’s first scalable quantum computer and quantum applications.  In tandem, shaping the quantum workforce and economy is in their interests.

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