Fujitsu’s Quantum Annealer, Cloud Computing, and the Automotive Industry

Fujitsu’s Quantum Annealer, Cloud Computing, and the Automotive Industry.  
Quantum computing in the automotive industry is already showing signs of taking shape.  Volkswagen is conducting traffic management studies alongside battery efficiency research and Daimler is engaged with Google on related quantum computing efforts.

Enter Fujitsu.

“Fujitsu is rolling out technology that offers the advantage of quantum computing without the need to run actual quantum computers.”   In an enlightening interview with Fuitsu’s Japanese IT group’s CTO for Europe, Middle East, India and Africa, Joseph Reger, discussions on the use of the second generation of the company’s “Digital Annealer” technology, slated for reveal next month, were held.

The talk further covered the use cases for the optimization of logistics in manufacturing and of robotic processes.  Not to be left out but, the threat to encryption and quantum computing’s part in the threat received comment.  Because quantum is coming.  Qubit.

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