Sobering Up Before Taking the Quantum Leap

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Sobering Up Before Taking the Quantum Leap

Quantum computing is one of the centers of gravity in leading edge technology today.  There’s much in the media which is fausses nouvelles; quantum computing not to be excluded.  Keeping quantum computing in perspective, help yourself shake out the fact from the fiction, the inflated from the hyper-inflated, by taking a few moments to consider the big picture every so often.  Qubit.

Excerpts and salient points ~

•  Practically every new technology gets caught in a hype cycle—many would argue that 5G networks are at the forefront of this, presently, as promises about what 5G will be able to do are far off from what initial network rollouts can actually provide. The overabundance of hype in technology sets an unrealistic expectation for its performance, inevitably leading to disappointment when the technology finally reaches consumers.

•  “If you’re trying to find the ground state of a molecule that you think might be a great drug, then a quantum computer would be your go-to machine to do that,” Hewlett Packard Enterprise senior fellow Ray Beausoleil… “I’m a big booster of quantum computing. I think the applications are going to be incredibly interesting and important. I just don’t think that the enterprise is going to be one of those places where those applications are found, unless you’re a pharmaceutical or materials company.”

•  Typical office work is not going to be improved by quantum computers; this is not a technology that an average accountant can utilize to improve their work. “Quantum computers are not very good at the three Rs—reading, writing and arithmetic. They don’t like to read big databases, they can’t give you very big complicated readouts, and they don’t do regular arithmetic as well as a regular old classical computer,” Beausoleil said.

Source: TechRepublic.  James Sanders, Quantum computing is not a cure-all for business computing challenges…

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