Cloud Computing, Data Centers, D-Wave, and Quantum Computers

Is Quantum Computing the Answer to Future Data Center Innovation?

Excerpts and salient points ~

•  Speaking during a keynote address at this week’s Glue Conference 2019 event, Murray Thom, vice president of software and cloud services at D-Wave Systems, laid out ways that quantum computing could power the next wave of software innovation. He told the developer-heavy crowd that when combined with a user-friendly software stack, quantum computing could allow those developers to push beyond increasingly complex performance limits.

Thom cited the joke that “the number of people predicting the end of Moore’s Law is doubling every two years.”

•  Another important link to the traditional software space is that access to such quantum computing systems are likely to be through cloud connections. This is because of the prohibitive cost of organizations having their own quantum computing systems and having to rely on pooling access through a cloud connection.

•  D-Wave has also created its Ocean software stack that sits on top of the physical hardware it provides. Thom said this basically allows a developer to use common software models to tap into the quantum computing resources.

Source:  sdx central.  Dan Meyer, Is Quantum Computing the Answer to Future Data Center Innovation?


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