Quantum Space is Crowded – With Research

Quantum Space is Crowded – With Research

The race to develop quantum technology is getting crowded

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+  For decades, the US has been working on this puzzle, spending around $200 million a year in research and development grants. That sounds like a lot.

China has launched a major program, Europe, Japan, Australia, Canada, So, I don’t believe the United States is behind. But I think the United States will have formidable competition.

+  But in recent years, many other developed nations have launched national quantum initiatives – pumping billions into programs of their own. Most notably China – while the exact number is not known, some estimates put their investment at tens of billions of dollars.

+  Last December, Congress approved a slight expansion of US efforts – establishing the National Quantum Initiative Act committing nearly $1.3 billion dollars of federal money to the research of quantum information science over the next five years. The act also establishes a federal strategy to coordinate research already taking place in universities and private industry…But if the US hopes to build those quantum products of the future, Awschalom says funding is not the only issue; The country will need to dramatically increase the number quantum scientists.

Source:  PBS.  Christopher Booker and Same Weber,  The race to develop quantum technology is getting crowded…

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