There’s Always a Bigger Fish ~ Rigetti Computing Acquires QxBranch

There’s Always a Bigger Fish ~ Rigetti Acquires QxBranch.

Rigetti Computing acquires QxBranch to expand full-stack capabilities

Excerpts and salient points ~

+  Rigetti Computing… acquired QxBranch, a quantum computing and data analytics software startup. The acquisition builds on Rigetti’s full-stack strategy and expands the company’s ability to deliver quantum algorithms, solutions, and services.

“Our mission is to deliver the power of quantum computing to our customers and help them solve difficult and valuable problems,” said Chad Rigetti, founder and C.E.O. of Rigetti Computing. “We believe we have the leading hardware platform, and QxBranch is the leader at the application layer. Together we can shorten the timeline to quantum advantage and open up new opportunities for our customers.” 

+  The QxBranch team will focus on building software development tools and applications and work with customers to implement specialized quantum algorithms. Michael Brett, C.E.O. of QxBranch, will join Rigetti as Senior Vice President of Applications. The QxBranch team will join Rigetti in a range of software engineering and application and business development roles.

+  The acquisition gives Rigetti a global presence and strong focus on client delivery. QxBranch employs an international team of software engineers and data scientists and operates in Washington, D.C., the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Source:  Rigetti Computing.  Press Release,  Rigetti Computing acquires QxBranch to expand full-stack capabilities…

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