$3.75M USD Raised by Crypta Labs

$3.75M USD Raised by Crypta Labs

London-based quantum cybersecurity startup Crypta Labs raises €3 million

Excerpts and salient points ~

+  Crypta Labs is also developing commercial applications is for the connected automotive applications in the Czech Republic, where Crypta is deploying its Hardware Security Module (HSM) to meet the increased security requirements for smart road infrastructure.

“The threat of quantum computing to security is that it enables new areas of mathematics which will significantly weaken, if not make redundant, much of the security in use today,” said David Leftley, CTO and co-founder at Bloc Ventures.

+  The company first developed its QRNG technology for the UK Ministry of Defense, in applications requiring it to withstand extreme external influences such as vibration and temperature fluctuations – factors which have challenged the design of quantum light based random number generators.

+  Crypta also plans to develop its technology for the medical sector. According to the startup, in the USA alone over 68,000 critical medical systems – from MRI machines to computer controlled pumps (such as pacemakers and insulin pumps) – are open to hackers. In some instances there are up to 25 security holes in such devices, which Crypta [believes] it can close permanently, improving patient safety.

Source:  EU-Startups.  Mary Loritz,  London-based quantum cybersecurity startup Crypta Labs raises €3 million…

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