Business Considerations for Quantum Computing During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Business Considerations for Quantum Computing During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Recommend reading the original at the source; below are just a few excerpts. The original piece contains many good points; raised with historical perspective, current situation, and near-term and long-term prospects.  It’s not all bad… Because Quantum is Coming. Qubit.

Coronavirus and Quantum Computing

Excerpts and salient points ~

+  As someone who made it through the downturns of the DotCom Bubble and 9/11 Events of 2000-2001 as well as the Financial Crisis of 2008, we are confident that the quantum industry will bounce back stronger than ever once the coronavirus crisis passes over; similar to what occurred previously. However, we do expect that today’s situation with the coronavirus will have a definite short term impact on the quantum computing market… It probably will be tough going for the next year for many quantum companies. The key during this time is to position your company so that when the virus is contained and the recession is over, your company will be in the best position to come roaring out of the gate and flourish.

[A]lthough things will be tough in the near term, we still expect a very bright future for quantum computing this decade. Recessions have a way of winnowing out the weaker companies but the companies that make it through will be stronger and posed for success. Think about how you can make your company be one of these.

+  New Business Development in the Enterprise Market Will Get a Lot Harder In the Near Term

+  In times of uncertainty, corporate managers are much less eager to take risks or start up new efforts. In addition, with so many people working at home decision-making will be slower than normal even for those projects that eventually get approved. For those of you who were projecting you would get a bunch of new customers in 2020, you will likely be disappointed.

+  Raising More Venture Capital Will Also Be a Big Challenge in the Near Term

+  We had previously heard even before the coronavirus that some quantum startups were having difficulty closing new funding rounds. Many potential investors were concerned about the long lead-times to get a return on their investment, a possible quantum winter, too many startups, and other things. Due to all the uncertainties, venture investors will now have another reason to delay fundings due to the overall economic situation.

+  Will Quantum Computing Be Able to Contribute in Solving the Current Coronavirus Problems? 

+  Unfortunately, we do not think so. We do believe that solutions including vaccines and treatment protocols will be developed using classical means within the next 12-18 months and the current state of quantum computing is just not far advanced enough to make a meaningful contribution in that time frame. However, in a few years from now when quantum computers are much more powerful, coronavirus will be studied to help understand where quantum computers could be used for any future similar situation. So although quantum computing won’t be able to help by simulating the virus or discovering a drug this time around, it is likely that when another pandemic comes up they will make a difference. People say that these pandemics are a once every 100 years phenomena. So if we do see some new pandemic in the year 2120, you can be certain that your great-grandchildren will be able to leverage quantum computing and create a quick solution to fight it!

Source:  Quantum Computing Report.  Doug Finke,  Coronavirus and Quantum Computing…

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