Inaugural Conference to Explore Disruptive Aspects of Quantum Computing

Inaugural Conference to Explore Disruptive Aspects of Quantum Computing

Registration Open for Inaugural IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering (QCE20)

As of May 14th, 2020, registration is now open for the inaugural IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering (QCE20), a multidisciplinary event focusing on quantum technology, research, development, and training.  QCE20, also known as IEEE Quantum Week, will deliver a series of world-class keynotes, workforce-building tutorials, community-building workshops, and technical paper presentations and posters on October 12-16 in Denver, Colorado.

“We’re thrilled to open registration for the inaugural IEEE Quantum Week, founded by the IEEE Future Directions Initiative and supported by multiple IEEE Societies and organizational units,” said Hausi Müller, QCE20 general chair and co-chair of the IEEE Quantum Initiative. “Our initial goal is to address the current landscape of quantum technologies, identify challenges and opportunities, and engage the quantum community. With our current Quantum Week program, we’re well on track to deliver a first-rate quantum computing and engineering event.”

QCE20’s keynote speakers include the following quantum groundbreakers and leaders:

  • Michelle Simmons, University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia
  • Jerry Chow, IBM Research, USA
  • Anne Matsuura, Intel Labs, USA
  • Alán Aspuru-Guzik, University of Toronto, Canada
  • Krysta Svore, Microsoft Quantum Research, USA
  • Kae Nemoto, National Institute for Informatics (NII), Japan
  • Jake Taylor, OSTP, QuICS, and NIST, USA
  • Patty Lee, Honeywell Quantum Solutions, USA

The week-long QCE20 tutorials program features 15 tutorials by leading experts aimed squarely at workforce development and training considerations. The tutorials are ideally suited to develop quantum champions for industry, academia, and government and to build expertise for emerging quantum ecosystems.

Throughout the week, 19 QCE20 workshops provide forums for group discussions on topics in quantum research, practice, education, and applications. The exciting workshops provide unique opportunities to share and discuss quantum computing and engineering ideas, research agendas, roadmaps, and applications.

The deadline for submitting technical papers to the eight technical paper tracks is May 22. Papers accepted by QCE20 will be submitted to the IEEE Xplore Digital Library. The best papers will be invited to the journals IEEE Transactions on Quantum Engineering (TQE) and ACM Transactions on Quantum Computing (TQC).

QCE20 provides attendees a unique opportunity to discuss challenges and opportunities with quantum researchers, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, developers, students, practitioners, educators, programmers, and newcomers. QCE20 is co-sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society, IEEE Communications Society, IEEE Council on Superconductivity, IEEE Electronics Packaging Society (EPS), IEEE Future Directions Quantum Initiative, IEEE Photonics Society, and IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society (TEMS).

Register to be a part of the highly anticipated inaugural IEEE Quantum Week 2020. Visit for event news and all program details, including sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities.

 As the worldwide response to COVID-19 evolves, the safety and well-being of all conference participants is our top priority. QCE20’s organizing committee and co-sponsors will continue monitoring the COVID-19 situation and will investigate options for remote participation for the conference, should the need arise. QCE20 will make broad announcements if remote participation becomes available.

About the IEEE Computer Society

The IEEE Computer Society is the world’s home for computer science, engineering, and technology. A global leader in providing access to computer science research, analysis, and information, the IEEE Computer Society offers a comprehensive array of unmatched products, services, and opportunities for individuals at all stages of their professional career. Known as the premier organization that empowers the people who drive technology, the IEEE Computer Society offers international conferences, peer-reviewed publications, a unique digital library, and training programs. Visit for more information.

About the IEEE Communications Society

The IEEE Communications Society promotes technological innovation and fosters creation and sharing of information among the global technical community. The Society provides services to members for their technical and professional advancement and forums for technical exchanges among professionals in academia, industry, and public institutions.

About the IEEE Council on Superconductivity

The IEEE Council on Superconductivity and its activities and programs cover the science and technology of superconductors and their applications, including materials and their applications for electronics, magnetics, and power systems, where the superconductor properties are central to the application.

About the IEEE Electronics Packaging Society

The IEEE Electronics Packaging Society is the leading international forum for scientists and engineers engaged in the research, design, and development of revolutionary advances in microsystems packaging and manufacturing.

About the IEEE Future Directions Quantum Initiative

IEEE Quantum is an IEEE Future Directions initiative launched in 2019 that serves as IEEE’s leading community for all projects and activities on quantum technologies. IEEE Quantum is supported by leadership and representation across IEEE Societies and OUs. The initiative addresses the current landscape of quantum technologies, identifies challenges and opportunities, leverages and collaborates with existing initiatives, and engages the quantum community at large.

About the IEEE Photonics Society

The IEEE Photonics Society forms the hub of a vibrant technical community of more than 100,000 professionals dedicated to transforming breakthroughs in quantum physics into the devices, systems, and products to revolutionize our daily lives. From ubiquitous and inexpensive global communications via fiber optics, to lasers for medical and other applications, to flat-screen displays, to photovoltaic devices for solar energy, to LEDs for energy-efficient illumination, there are myriad examples of the Society’s impact on the world around us.

About the IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society

IEEE TEMS encompasses the management sciences and practices required for defining, implementing, and managing engineering and technology.

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