Quantum Computing, Federal Policy, and Preserving Freedom

Quantum Computing, Federal Policy, and Preserving Freedom

Making America Quantum-Safe In The Post COVID-19 Era

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+  The traumatic events of the past months have underlined one fundamental truth: the only thing more important than the safety and security of Americans and the United States, is preserving our personal freedom.

When all this is over, we are going to realize that America must be ready for, and protected from, the next unexpected “black swan” event, whether it’s another pandemic; a deliberate bioweapon attack; an electro-magnetic pulse attack by a nuclear-armed rogue nation like North Korea or possibly Iran; or an assault on our government and financial system by a large-scale quantum computer attack.

+  These are awesome responsibilities that America’s high-tech industry, including those who are advancing America’s leadership in quantum information science, need to take seriously.

+  Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has pointed one way forward. That’s protecting the constitutionally guaranteed right of free speech, by keeping Facebook as an open platform for the exercise of that right. He has done so in the face of incredible pressure to violate the First Amendment rights of one person in particular, the president of the United States—pressure even from his own employees. It’s a portrait of courage at a time when our high-tech leaders need to show they have more at heart than their bottom line.

Source:  Forbes.  Arthur Herman,  Making America Quantum-Safe In The Post COVID-19 Era…

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