Startup Funding for November 2020

Startup Funding: November 2020

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+  Quantum computer builder IQM drew €39M (~$46.1M) in Series A funding; the startup focuses on superconducting quantum processors and the co-design of application-specific quantum hardware. IQM was recently chosen by the Finnish government to help build a five-qubit quantum computer within a year, leading to a 50-qubit device by 2024.  Quantum software startup Zapata Computing raised $38.0M in a Series B round; Zapata provides a quantum computing workflow management platform that optimizes performance of quantum hardware, provides data analytics, and works on classical hardware.  ColdQuanta raised $32.0M in a Series A round; the company manufactures components, instruments, and turnkey systems for a range of cold and ultracold atom applications including quantum computing, global positioning, signal processing, and communications. 

Table: Selected companies funded in November 2020.  Source: Semiconductor Engineering

Source:  Semiconductor Engineering.  Jesse Allen,  Startup Funding: November 2020…

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