The Second Quantum Revolution is On. The Deep Dive is This March.


Commercializing quantum computing is a real buzz these days.  Optimizing logistics for aviation or trucking agencies, developing solutions to complex chemistry equations, to securing your encrypted data are several of the use cases for the now arriving quantum revolution.  This March, the foremost quantum players found in Europe will meet online permitting you to discover the first business use cases of this, the second quantum revolution.  

The 1st edition of QUANTUM BUSINESS EUROPE will take place March 16 and 17, 2021.  This inaugural event will connect organizations, governments, academia, and corporations large and small.  To be held online, The Qubit Report is proud to contribute towards putting quantum computing on the center stage. 


Brought to you by Corp, a foremost provider of new and emerging technology exhibitions and conferences, the QUANTUM BUSINESS EUROPE forum provides a unique platform for IT decision-makers and innovators to explore and discuss insights and to showcase the latest innovative projects.  Connecting you with the best and brightest minds in the industry, in the era of transformation, the event aims to empower the business community with the knowledge, skills,technology, and connections that you need to master the three dimensions of the quantum revolution: computing, communication, sensing.

This unique event aims provide a real 360-degree view on the industry.  Topics covering the three dimensions of the second quantum revolution are set to include:   

    • Sensing Technologies
    • End-users and sectoral applications of quantum computing
    • The emerging quantum computing ecosystem
    • Building the future quantum workforce

Taking you further, discussions will look to answer three vital questions often heard in cutting edge technology circles today:

    • Is quantum computing the end of cybersecurity?
    • How is Europe preparing for a quantum future?
    • How are quantum computers different?

Finally, meet and exchange with 20 of the most innovative companies in the market.  Find out how their research and solutions may apply to your business.  Hardware and software sessions will permit you to see how current quantum technologies and quantum solutions actually work.  These sessions, over 30 demo sessions in all, will be streamed live and available in replay for two months.

Who are some of the attending players? 

Post-Quantum Solutions Limited.  “Post-Quantum is the leading business developing protection against the cyber security threat posed by the rapidly developing code-breaking capabilities of quantum-computers. The company’s encryption algorithm (NTS-KEM, now called Classic McEliece) is the only ‘code-based’ finalist in the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) competition to develop a new global encryption standard capable of protecting data from quantum attacks. Post-Quantum has developed a range of ‘quantum-ready’ cyber security tools, including digital identity, virtual private network, secure messaging and secure multi-party approvals. The company works with governments, large corporations and academia to help them future-proof cyber security.”  

Atos.  “Atos is a global leader in digital transformation with 110,000 employees and annual revenue of € 12 billion. European number one in cybersecurity, cloud and High-Performance Computing, in pioneering decarbonization services and products, the group provides tailored end-to-end solutions for all industries in 73 countries. By leveraging and re-enforcing its leadership in HPC, Atos is committed to bring quantum computing promises into reality. Atos has taken a hardware-agnostic approach, in crafting quantum-powered supercomputers and enabling end-user applications.”    

Qilimanjaro.  “Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech is a deep-tech startup that addresses real-life quantum-ready problems. Qilimanjaro’s integrated hardware & software team focuses at this time on coherent quantum annealing high-quality qubit architectures to deliver scalable app-specific quantum processors and services, with easy-to-use cloud access to effectively address complex optimisation and ML problems. In the short term it provides services for businesses to become quantum-ready, particularly on quantum algorithms, quantum simulation and classical/quantum computer approaches. It has closed significant customer contracts in its first year of operation, and has become a key contributor to the European Commission’s AVaQus FET-Open H2020 project on quantum annealing. Qilimanjaro is a spin-off from the Barcelona Supercomputer Center (BSC), the University of Barcelona (UB) and the Institute of High-Energy Physics (IFAE).”    

VeriQloud.  “VeriQloud is developing solutions for long-term security based on quantum communication networks. It has introduced the Qline, a quantum communication architecture for the local-area range. This architecture is the base of HyQloud, a full-stack solution to deploy a hybrid classical-quantum cloud infrastructures for datacenters. HyQloud offers long-term security and quantum-resistance for communication, storage and computation.  VeriQloud is involved in many international quantum initiatives. It is working on applications of quantum networks within the Quantum Internet Alliance, a project led by TU Delft. In this context, VeriQloud hosts the Quantum Protocol Zoo, a free encyclopaedia of quantum communication protocols, available at” 

Others contributing to the success of the event will be, in part:

    • intel
    • Quantum Brilliance
    • Quintessence Labs
    • Quix      
    • Reply
    • VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

QUANTUM BUSINESS EUROPE will be the meeting place this March.  Clearly, they are dedicated to quantum applications and technologies in business.   The event promises professionals from varied sectors the opportunity to learn, benchmark and exchange on the promising market of quantum. 

The Qubit Report will be reporting on the event as it nears and thereafter.  We aim to gain greater understanding of the nascent commercialization of quantum computing and to bring to you our findings.  Because Quantum is Coming.  Qubit


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