Cold Quanta. Will it Own All Things Quantum?


+  In the current quantum computing landscape, there are hardware and software providers with the most prominent players doing both. While the shakeout on which of these companies will become the prominent won’t even begin for a few years yet, there are some companies that have some significant advantages across the quantum spectrum. By spectrum, we mean the wide-ranging applications of quantum technology, from global positioning and navigation all the way to solving complex, scalable optimization problems.

But don’t be fooled, Ewald says, this is all the same foundational technology that’s set to get Cold Quanta in big with government agencies in particular across the quantum product spectrum. And there are bigger things to come—very big, if all works according to plan and defense research funding.


+  The first in this category is Honeywell, which has the advantage of owning the supply chain of technology assets (from refrigeration units to control logic) to produce quantum systems from other businesses. We talked about this in depth here but there’s another company that might have an even broader quantum edge—one that is sharp not just on potential computing devices, but across the widening array of quantum applications in positioning, computing, and beyond. These tangential areas to quantum computing have significant appeal to defense and government agencies where federal funding has been pushed to develop these technologies.

+  The second company in this category is likely less familiar but we expect to hear much about Cold Quanta over the next several years. While they don’t own the cooling and complex supply chains Honeywell already has in-house, they have something that might be more important down the line: an established quantum technology that can be widely applicable across the quantum spaces: from positioning and telemetry systems all the way to quantum computers. While the latter won’t appear until later this year, the body of work and core technology gives Cold Quanta vast reach and a deep patent portfolio to own a big share of government quantum work at the edge device level up to large systems.


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