Archer Materials’ Global Patent Work Indicative of Confidence in Its 12CQ Chip Technology

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Archer Materials’ confidence in their 12CQ Chip Technology must be high. Why else would they have patent paperwork in the offices around the globe? Give it some thought. Because Quantum is Coming. Qubit

Patent portfolio progress update

Archer Materials Limited (ASX: AXE) is pleased to provide shareholders with an update and summary on patent prosecution progress related to the Company’s 12CQ quantum computing qubit processor chip. International patent applications associated with the 12CQ chip are lodged in six jurisdictions.

The additional IPA in Japan recently resulted in the first granted patent for the 12CQ chip. The granting of the JP Patent (Patent No. 6809670) has led to the advance of the patent granting process and procedures for IPAs in several jurisdictions.

First Office Actions have been received from Patent Offices of the United States of America, China, and Australia. Receiving FOAs is a key step in the process for the grant of a patent in the administering jurisdiction.

The Company has accelerated the prosecution process and procedures of IPAs where possible, e.g. filing a PACE request with the European Patent Office and accessing review programs in the Republic of Korea.

Archer Materials Patent Map 3-1-2021

The European and Korean IPAs have progressed in the substantive examination procedures since Oct 2020, and more recently the Korean IPA, following the JP Patent granting. The Company will continue to release key progress in its patent prosecution to ASX.

Source:  Archer Materials, Ltd..  Dr Mohammad Choucair,  Patent portfolio progress update…

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