Is the U.S. 36 Corridor Poised to be a Quantum Hotbed?

Denver-Boulder Eyes Future As Quantum Computing’s Epicenter

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+  Colorado, specifically the Denver-Boulder area, is putting its stamp on the quantum realm. The area sports decades of research expertise, a pipeline of talent and a roster of ambitious companies aiming to make waves. It’s an industry concentration that could pay huge dividends for the state’s economy if the technology lives up to its promise.Colorado State Flag Round

“People call Silicon Valley Silicon Valley for reason. We think about it as the Quantum Front Range,” said Tony Uttley, president of Broomfield-based Honeywell Quantum Solutions. “It’s in its absolute infancy right now but at the front of something (that’s) going to be absolutely gigantic.”


+  “This is a civilization-shifting technology but it’s not there today so you’re going to need leaders with real foresight to say it’s cheap for us to invest now in the future of this technology rather than waiting for it to be established and scaled,” Tillemann-Dick said. “Then the power will shift entirely to the companies doing quantum.”

+  “We’ve built an exceptional team of scientists and engineers and technicians and then an entire functional business staff to be able to go after the quantum computing space,” said Uttley, a former NASA staffer who leads the company’s Honeywell Quantum Solutions arm. “We have a really good relationship with CU Boulder and the Colorado School of Mines to be able to foster this pipeline, from our standpoint, our future talent that is coming in as well.”

Source:  government technology (The Denver Post).  Joe Rubino,  Denver-Boulder Eyes Future As Quantum Computing’s Epicenter…

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