Arguably, Quantum Has Yet to Arrive. Meanwhile, Optimize Your Organization, Now, In Preparation for Quantum Computing

How Optimization Can Help Your Business Prepare For A Possible Quantum Computing Future

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+  Will quantum computing be the next big thing? Only time will tell — we need to wait and see if quantum computers can evolve from conceptual into commercial technologies that will revolutionize the IT industry and produce real ROI for companies.

While waiting for a possible quantum era to commence, why not make use of existing technologies that can help your business prosper from the opportunities of today and also prepare for the possibilities of tomorrow?


1. Identifying use cases in your business: During the process of implementing an optimization application, you will have to take a hard, quantitative look at your business in order to:

• Develop a deep understanding of your constraints and drivers of growth, costs and complexity.

• Identify those areas that could be transformed and the problems that could be addressed with this new technology.

+  If the day comes when quantum computers are actually able to be employed to address a wide range of optimization problems, your company will have a headstart as you’ll have already honed the ability to pinpoint these problems and identify the use cases for optimization in your organization. 

2. Learning to leverage advanced analytics software: Implementing and utilizing optimization (or, for that matter, any other advanced analytics software solution) will enable your company to cultivate:

• The capability to state your business problems in a software language so that computer hardware (classical today and perhaps quantum tomorrow) can understand those problems and solve them.

• A culture of optimal, data-driven decision-making across your organization.

+  This ability to leverage optimization software will benefit your business today and if and when a quantum computing revolution comes to pass.

Source:  Forbes.  Edward Rothberg,  How Optimization Can Help Your Business Prepare For A Possible Quantum Computing Future…

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