Quantum Computing, Inc.:  It’s Not Just About Science Projects

Quantum computing is quite a stimulus for discussion these days.  Be it the quizzical look one gets when discussing the topic or the emphatic emotion in a person’s desire to learn more about this intangible science.  Quantum computing is here to stay.  Though claims of quantum advantage and quantum supremacy have been promoted by the likes of IBM and Alphabet, there are more practical and readily available avenues to touch the intangible.  Enter, Quantum Computing, Inc.

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Quantum Computing, Inc. (QCI), a young firm headquartered just outside the U.S. capital, is one provider of practical quantum computing application accelerator software, “not just science projects.”  QCI is intent on providing subject matter experts with quantum-powered solutions to real-world problems.  Through a partnership with AWS Braket, QCI’s Qatalyst software connects users to some of the major hardware players in the quantum computing world such as Rigetti, IonQ, and D-Wave, to provide users with the best response to their queries. 

Robert Liscouski
Robert Liscouski, President, CEO & Chairman

Several of the budding quantum computing applications for this nascent industry are aligned with the medical, cybersecurity, and logistics economic sectors.  Presently, QCI is focusing on constrained optimization solutions through quantum computing, among others.       

Following Quantum.Tech 21, The Qubit Report had the opportunity to talk to QCI’s CEO, Robert Liscouski (featured image).  Here is what we learned when asking several straight-forward questions about this cutting-edge company.

When asked how QCI’s exotic-science company came about…     

Mr. Liscouski described a desire to found an emerging technology-oriented company.  After consultations with associates and much deep study, quantum computing had been sighted.  In February, 2018, with funding provided through a reverse merger and other sources, this forward leaning, forward thinking firm, Quantum Computing, Inc., was founded.  Their mission:  To develop quantum software for business firms to engage quantum computers to produce results for real-world problems. 

Why quantum computing? 

In looking at emerging technologies several years ago, Liscouski was intent on pursuing a technology that was “going to be extremely impactful.”  Impact is a center-point of Mr. Liscouski’s career having “extensive experience developing critical programs for protecting national security interests and essential infrastructure, as well as… strategic planning.” 

When pressed about the need for the world to chase down an error-free quantum computer, Robert was clear in his thoughts towards a viable quantum computer’s nearness: “[It’s] Astonishing what tech has done… [for quantum computing there’s] not so much need as inevitability.”  For QCI, quantum computing is as close as ever.  As more and more businesses clue into the coming quantum advantage offered for real-world business applications, the magnitude of quantum computing’s effect on the bottom line, corporate income, becomes apparent. 


However, the arrival of a truly functional, challenge-solving quantum computer is still in the distance.  A recent piece from ZD Net stated, “classical [computing] will probably give you the better result.”   In responding to this notion, Robert concurred and stood behind the assertion, at least for the near-term.  Qatalyst, the firm’s customer offering, is available as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) via Amazon Web Services. 

QCI’s Qatalyst software bridges the gap between the quantum-computing-only and classical-computing-only solutions.  QCI understands how ‘optimization and supply chain go hand-in-hand’ coupled with the current state of quantum computing.  Qatalyst provides users the ability to compare classical computing and quantum computing results to the same coded problem.  Courses of actions may then be taken to pursue a classical or quantum computing solution to the issue at hand. 

From this application, there are several examples specific to supply chain, logistics, and route optimization, as pursued by QCI:

  • To improve multi-level replenishment throughout the entire supply chain from the manufacturer to your distribution centers, right down to your local stores…
  • To accelerate warehouse performance with more highly optimized pick order and path routing…
  • To perform inter-modal optimizations that are currently intractable in today’s computational environments.

Quantum computing lets you tackle optimizations not achievable with today’s classical computing.  Qatalyst gets you ready for the advent of quantum computing.  Its innovative computational engines deliver improved performance and better, more diverse results. 

There are a number of alternative companies and organizations trying to provide quantum application software to the end user.  What makes QCI’s offerings stand apart? 

Presented with this question, Mr. Liscouski pointed out two facets to business and quantum computing’s success: Competitive advantage and quantum-ready technologies.  QCI’s CEO sees their firm as having a grounded understanding of each, going so far as to tout “the two above give you business advantage”.  

Further, he sees Qatalyst as a superior alternative to the tool-kit approach to quantum computing, as it removes the high-cost of programming, provides a shorter upskilling period for a customer’s workforce, and an overall “best, easiest process for the end user” to solve their business problems better, faster, and ahead of those waiting for the perfect day for quantum computing’s arrival. 

Strategically, QCI’s CEO knows there will come a day when it is upon us.  Those who have made the efforts to hone quantum optimization problems, have trained their workforce in quantum computing software uses and a growing myriad of other uses, will excel. 

Because Quantum is Coming.  Qubit

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