Not-Quite-Quantum Computers Teased by Toshiba and Dharma Capital for FinTech

This is interesting to see pop up again as Toshiba may be a warm place in the advent of a cold, dark, quantum winter.  Recommend reading from the source, link is below.  Because Quantum is Coming. Qubit

Quasi Quantum Tech in Financial Trading being Tested by Toshiba and Dharma Capital

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+  Japanese technology giant Toshiba is reportedly working with Dharma Capital to test out the use of quasi-quantum tech in financial trading.

+  The trial, carried out by Toshiba and Dharma Capital, will look into the effectiveness of high-frequency trading (HFT) strategies for listed stocks in Japanese markets. The testing is based on “optimal solutions” provided by a “quasi” quantum computer, known as Toshiba’s Simulated Bifurcation Machine.

+  Toshiba stated that by combining its computing power with HFT tech, it’s possible to search statistical arbitration opportunities that haven’t been examined before, with an adequate level of low-latency vs market price fluctuations.

+  More generally, setting up trading systems that are able to quickly detect untargeted mispricings and remove them is expected to enhance overall market efficiency and liquidity, Toshiba said.

+  In order to test this, Dharma Capital and Toshiba will be looking at the effectiveness of HFT strategies that are possible or feasible with the computational power of the Simulated Bifurcation Machine.

+  By combining Dharma Capital’s HFT tech with Toshiba’s Simulated Bifurcation Machine, it may be possible to “find undiscovered opportunities by exploring all possibilities while maintaining sufficient speed,” the announcement noted.

Source:  CrowdFund Insider.  Omar Faridi,  Quasi Quantum Tech in Financial Trading being Tested by Toshiba and Dharma Capital…

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