For FinTech, Its Time to Think Tangibly About Quantum Computing

Plain and simple, easy read, and in lay-speak, Adam Schouela lays out the major possibilities for quantum computing in its present status. Recommend reading from the source at the link, below. Because Quantum Is Coming. Qubit

Unlocking quantum computing’s potential in financial services

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+  Why should wealth management firms be paying attention to quantum and how might advisors use it in the future? Quantum computers have the potential to help advisory firms be more efficient and grow their businesses.

What could proofs of concepts like this mean for the wealth management industry? Advisors could potentially perform deeper analyses than they do today, including looking at more complex scenarios with more variables than they can currently analyze, helping to deliver even more value to investors.


+  While still in the exploratory stages, the Fidelity Center for Applied Technology recently worked with the Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab to use Amazon Braket — a cloud-based quantum computing platform — to develop a proof-of-concept that uses a hybrid quantum-to-quantum algorithm that builds securities and prices the options for them, essentially mimicking the behavior of a market index.

+  Although we are still in the early days, quantum computing has already shown potential to positively disrupt the technology that we use today and make an impact on the way we work. Now is the time to think tangibly about how to best leverage the benefits of quantum computers so that we’re prepared to make the most of them when they reach commercial viability.

Source:  Financial Planning.  Adam Schouela,  Unlocking quantum computing’s potential in financial services…

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