Volkswagen Actively Employing Quantum Computers

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Volkswagen Is Starting To Use Quantum Computers

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+  Quantum computing is still a relatively new technology in terms of practical use, and scientists are still figuring out how to best take advantage of its massive potential, but it seems that the experts at Volkswagen can think of a few. The company has been involved in the field since 2016 and has implemented the technology in projects dealing with real-time traffic routing.

“We’re not interested in doing research for research’s sake. We want to bring this technology into the real world,” Neukart concluded.


+  The company has even brought quantum computing into its paint booths, where computers use algorithms to maximize the paint shop efficiency without slowing assembly. The company has also started using quantum computing to set pricing for its vehicles, and to determine where to place electric charging stations for maximum effectiveness.

+  The company is so dedicated to being a leader in tech, that it’s now employing quantum computers to help it streamline production and order processes.

Source:  CARBUZZ.  Michael Butler,  Volkswagen Is Starting To Use Quantum Computers…

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