£375M Fund Marks a New Era for UK Tech Innovation, Quantum Computing

Innovation is being pushed up to the top of the agenda in the UK thanks to the government seeking to co-invest alongside private enterprise in new and emerging technology. A £375 million fund has been announced that will mark a new era of R&D investment designed to make the UK a leader in its field in terms of tech innovation. The fund will prioritise investment in industries such as quantum computing, clean technology and life sciences – to qualify, applicants to the fund will need to be looking for at least £30 million in fund further development and will need to be UK based. Crucially, applicants will also need to be able to show that they have already secured commitments for 70% of their funding round from private investors. The goal is to target breakthrough technology – something that the government described as often requiring additional patience in development – and to use this to help solve some of the biggest challenges that we face today.

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