Startup Funding: July 2021

PsiQuantum raised $450.0M in Series D funding led by BlackRock and joined by Baillie Gifford, M12, Blackbird Ventures, and Temasek. With the goal of providing a fault tolerant quantum computer of at least 1 million qubits, the startup is building an entire quantum computing stack, from the photonic and electronic chips, through packaging and control electronics, cryogenic systems, quantum architecture and fault tolerance, to quantum applications.  Atom Computing drew $15.0M in Series A investment from Innovation Endeavors, Prelude Ventures, and Venrock. The startup’s focus is nuclear-spin qubits based on an alkaline earth element. Q-CTRL received a $3.5M grant from the Australian government’s Modern Manufacturing Initiative. Q-CTRL has developed quantum-based gravity and magnetic field sensors that can detect and measure extremely small signals.  QuantWare drew €1.2M (~$1.4M) in a pre-seed round from Venture Capital, Quantum Delta, Rabobank, and UNIIQ. It also announced its first commercially-available superconducting processor for quantum computers. The 5-qubit QPU is targeted at research institutions and universities, and the company said it has 99.9% single-qubit gate fidelities for manageable error rates. T

Table: Selected companies that received funding in July 2021.

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