Startup Funding August 2021

Quantum computing

Quantum Brilliance received $9.7M in seed investment led by Main Sequence and founders of QxBranch, joined by CP Ventures, Investible, Jelix Ventures, MA Financial, R3I Ventures, and Ultratech Capital Partners. The startup uses synthetic diamonds to build quantum accelerators that do not require near absolute zero temperature or complex laser systems to operate with the goal of providing quantum accelerators the size of a lunchbox with over 50 qubits by 2025. Quantum Brilliance’s first product, a 5-qubit server rack-sized quantum accelerator, is now commercially available. It also offers a full stack of software and application tools. Based in Canberra, Australia, it was founded in 2019 as a spin-out from the Australian National University.

Table: Selected companies that received funding in August 2021.

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