Atom Computing Brings Two Heavy-Hitters Onto Their Team, Each With A Fierce Belief in the Power of Quantum Computing

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Veteran Quantum Computing Executives Join Atom Computing to Lead Commercialization and Growth

  • Denise Ruffner, former IonQ and IBM executive, joins as Chief Business Officer to lead customer, partner and sales strategy
  • Justin Ging, former Honeywell Quantum Solutions executive, joins as Chief Product Officer to lead commercialization of Atom Computing’s quantum solutions portfolio
  • Appointments round out Atom Computing’s senior leadership team on their mission to create the world’s most scalable and reliable quantum computers

November 4, 2021 — Berkeley, CA — Atom Computing, a quantum computing start-up obsessed with helping companies and researchers reach their next big breakthrough, today announces two new quantum veterans joining, Denise Ruffner as Chief Business Officer and Justin Ging as Chief Product Officer. Denise and Justin round out Atom Computing’s leadership team of technical and industry experts including CEO Rob Hays, Founder & CTO Ben Bloom, Co-Founder & Chief Scientist Jonathan King, Chief Control Systems Engineer Robin Coxe, and Marketing Communications Director Ashley Kusowski. Together, they will drive the company’s commercialization of Phoenix, a 100-qubit quantum system, and quantum solutions roadmap. 

“I’m thrilled that Denise and Justin see the scalability of our technology roadmap and have decided to bring their unique skills in quantum computing and business leadership experience to our team as we prepare to launch our solutions into the market,” said Rob Hays, CEO and President, Atom Computing. “They each express a fierce belief in the power of quantum computing to change the world and a passion to help our partners and customers solve the problems that matter most to them.”

Denise Ruffner joins as Chief Business Officer, responsible for customer and partner ecosystem strategy and engagements. Denise previously led business development at IonQ. She brings more than 20 years of experience in deep tech and sales leadership at start-ups and IBM Quantum. Denise’s broad industry relationships and commitment to helping others is critical in building the deep partnerships required to make quantum computing invaluable to end users. Denise also serves as the President of Women In Quantum, a rapidly growing organization dedicated to creating a community for the advancement of women in the quantum field. Today she is hosting a Women in Quantum panel discussion at the Inside Quantum Technology Fall event in NYC.  

Justin Ging joins as Chief Product Officer, responsible for product management and customer experience for Atom Computing’s quantum solutions portfolio. Justin comes from Honeywell Quantum Solutions where he spent the past few years leading commercialization and business development for their quantum business unit. He has 20 years of product management, product marketing and sales expertise at leading technology companies including Samsung and Aptina Imaging.  

Denise and Justin join the fellow quantum enthusiasts on the Atom Computing leadership team dedicated to making quantum computing real.

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