Reducing the Co$t of the Qubit

Reducing the Co$t of the Qubit

Quantum computing research would not be possible without large grants from governments. Global corporations such as IBM, Google, and Alibaba, conduct their own research and development funded from their own coffers. The current cost of quantum computing devices is far too high for the commercial market to take off. Significant cost reductions may be on the horizon. The TOLOP project, developed in-part to keep Moore’s law true, has produced transistor component reduction tests which apply to quantum computing. In the tests, the transistors being studied were operated as qubits. If the manufacturing of these special transistors could be mass produced using the current transistor production technologies, it is conceivable the qubit resistors could use the same mass production processes. Ergo, qubit costs tumble, commercial qubit market comes to life. April 21, 2018.

Reducing the cost of the qubit may come with reduced need for such novel devices as this cooling unit. (Photo taken at 2018 ASCE. [Credit: Graham Carlow])
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