Improving Banking Security Through Quantum Computing

Improving Banking Security Through Quantum Computing

ABN AMRO collaborates on quantum computing security

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+  It is widely expected that the arrival of widespread quantum computing – which enables a computer to solve advanced mathematical and cryptographic puzzles in seconds – will have the potential to disrupt the cyber security landscape, as businesses rush to secure their data.

The quantum connection will be established by laser communication via existing fibre-optic connections, as demonstrated by the labs of David Elkouss and Wolfgang Tittel at QuTech.

+  This fibre-optic connection will be combined with a so-called ‘free space’ (through air) component, developed by TNO Space and Scientific Instrumentation.

+  ABN AMRO is collaborating with a Dutch university to explore the potential for quantum computing technology to improve cyber security in banking. The Dutch banking giant said the joint research with QuTech, which is based in Delft University, would investigate the Quantum Key Distribution via glass fibre and through the air, to ensure secure data traffic and make the safety of online banking “future-proof”.

Source:  FS tech.  Hannah McGrath,  ABN AMRO collaborates on quantum computing security…

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