Quantum Computing and Network Cybersecurity, Neither Are Going Away

The Fourth Industrial Revolution – AI, Quantum, and IoT Impacts on Cybersecurity

Key points…

+  Quantum computing is based on technology we’ve yet to fully harness. However, the same constant remains true when it comes to bad actors: whatever the “good guys” understand about quantum computing, the “bad guys” do, too.

Unfortunately, there will always be an army of cyber criminals standing by, ready to apply their knowledge and talents to nefarious activity. It’s safe to say that vulnerabilities will plague quantum systems just as they’ve plagued every other “next generation” system.


+  In order for cybersecurity solutions to adequately guard quantum networks, they will need to address several key factors:

    • How cryptography will be impacted by quantum random number generation
    • Quantum key distribution (QKD) capabilities, which will provide much more secure encrypted communications
    • Public-key cryptography implications — quantum computing could lead to breaking foundational digital infrastructure like the RSA algorithm, which we depend on to run our $4 trillion ecommerce industry
    • Addressing the on-going shortage of cybersecurity professionals

+  While each of these issues will require specific high-level and granular solutions, networks equipped with true self-learning AI capabilities will fare better when monitoring network activity, even as it occurs at whirlwind, quantum speeds.

Source:  SECURITY BOULEVARD.  Geoffrey Coulehan,  The Fourth Industrial Revolution – AI, Quantum, and IoT Impacts on Cybersecurity…

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