India Takes Full Step Forward Towards Satellite-Enabled Quantum Key Distribution

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In a first, RRI transfers quantum encryption key safely between buildings

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+  For the first time in India, scientists part of the Quantum Experiments using Satellite Technology (QuEST) project from the Raman Research Institute (RRI) have claimed a breakthrough that will enable safe communications across strategic sectors ranging from banking to defence.

“This is India’s first reported free space quantum key distribution experiment which connects two buildings using an atmospheric channel. This is a breakthrough milestone for the QuEST as this will pave the way for longer distances using atmospheric channels, ultimately culminating with ground to satellite based secure quantum communications,” Sinha added.

+  Working on quantum cryptography — encrypting a message in a way nobody can read it at the quantum (minimal level of a unit in physics) level — the scientists have demonstrated the ability to share this secret key “safely” to another building using satellites.

+  QuEST, carried out by RRI’s Quantum Information and Computing (QuIC) lab led by Prof Urbasi Sinha, is India’s firt project on satellite-based long distance quantum communications. Started in 2017, QuEST is being implemented in collaboration with Isro.

+  In what’s the most exciting breakthrough in the QuEST journey, the team has now successfully demonstrated free space QKD between two buildings at RRI — 50 metres apart — across an atmospheric free space channel, Sinha said, after demonstrating the technology on Sunday.

Source:  Times of India.  Chethan Kumar,  In a first, RRI transfers quantum encryption key safely between buildings…

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