Bringing Post-Quantum Cryptography to Windows Desktop VPN

Ambit, Inc. Announces the Release of AmbitVPN’s Post-Quantum Native Windows Application

Ambit, Inc., a US based post-quantum cybersecurity company, announces the release of AmbitVPN’s Post-Quantum Windows desktop – This new native VPN Windows application is 4x faster than the initial beta while achieving near-line speed on internal tests. This positions the company’s Post-Quantum VPN as a market leader in speed and security for their users on Android and iOS mobile apps, as well as Mac desktop. Linux desktop users will have AmbitVPN soon too.

AmbitVPN unleashes a user’s true internet performance. Many mobile operators use traffic shaping, also known as throttling, to reduce your Internet speed. Most AmbitVPN mobile users avoid this throttling and see as much as a 1000% boost in download speeds. AmbitVPN frequently exceeds the speed of most VPNs by as much as 60%, as many still use antiquated OpenVPN developed in the 1990s.

Ambit, Inc. Announces the Release of AmbitVPN’s Post-Quantum Native Windows Application

AmbitVPN leverages a hardfork of a new, modern network technology called WireGuard with additional enhancements to deliver its superior performance. Users benefit from incredible speed, global reach to the content they desire free from interference and Enduring Digital Privacy that ensures customer data cannot be decrypted now or in the future with quantum computers. This privacy is delivered with no backdoors, no user activity logs, ever. Users keep their keys, not Ambit. Furthermore, there are no bandwidth limits for as many as 5 devices per subscription and AmbitVPN comes with a 14 day free trial:

“For true digital privacy and ongoing security assurance, Ambit is the only viable solution.” – Tio Mike Kail, former Yahoo CIO, former VP of IT at Netflix, and technology strategist executive at Palo Alto Strategy Group.

Founded on March 2019, Ambit, Inc. is a forward leaning privacy and security technology firm that specializes in attack surface management coupled with quantum risk. Ambit is their own customer as much as a private company serving those in the world in need of Ambit’s protection. This means Ambit uses what they build on the front lines of resistance against digital authoritarianism, cyber-driven industrial corporate espionage, and speech censorship. Their core competence areas include, but are not limited to, censorship resistance, misattribution, and resilient decentralized video and chat communications for the masses:

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