Crypto-Agility is a ‘Thing’ and the Threat of Quantum Computing to Crack Encryption is Bringing Agile Cryptographic Solutions to Market

Cybersecurity is a clear frontrunner in data protection and privacy maintenance. With quantum computing nipping at the heels of security, many networks are incapable of shifting cryptographic methods in short-order. Ambit, Inc., and now InfoSec Global, are two of the recent quantum-safe encryption providers to hit the market. See below for InfoSec Global’s solution for crypto-agility in your network. The Qubit Report is not paid for this, we are not promoting the product, but we are keen on cybersecurity and find your awareness of this aspect of the quantum revolution paramount. Because Quantum Is Coming. Qubit

InfoSec Global Partners with KAON Broadband and Sentinel Holding AG to Provide Secure VPN Solution to Telecom Operators

InfoSec Global LogoTORONTOApril 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — InfoSec Global, the pioneer and leading provider of Cryptographic Agility Management solutions, has teamed with leading telecom equipment and service providers to make its AgileSec VPN capabilities available to customers and the global market through telecom operators.

Infosec Global, KAON Broadband, and Sentinel Holding AG deliver agile cryptographic VPN services on top of the telecom-grade QUANTUM Universal Platform based on Open Source and industry standards. KAON Broadband provides network solutions and services worldwide, while Sentinel Holding AG provides value-added services management tools in the Consumer Premises Equipment (CPE) space.

“QUANTUM Platform is a leading solution to the challenges service providers face in introducing new innovative services to their subscribers,” said Carlos Santos, KAON Broadband’s Head of Products, Europe. “Our App Store features a diverse cross-section of exciting services our partners offer through our Open Source-based license free platform. Thanks to our new partnership with InfoSec Global, we’re pleased to add world-class AgileSec network encryption VPN capabilities to our CPE App Store.”

“Partnering with InfoSec Global is in line with Sentinel’s continuing work on transforming CPEs into Open Source-based service delivery devices,” said Goran Medic, CEO of Sentinel Holding. “Value added services such as safeguarding private data and environments with cryptography will separate premium telecoms and internet service providers from commodity internet access providers.”

The joint offering grants trusted access to work, home, and mobile users regardless of the type of device they may be using. It allows telecom operators to leverage existing hardware and provide a unique network encryption VPN solution on their CPE gateways – saving customers from purchasing a separate secure VPN product.

Integrating the AgileSec VPN into the QUANTUM platform enables secure communication and content sharing in a few simple steps. As part of InfoSec Global’s Cryptographic Agility Management solution offering, the AgileSec VPN platform remediates identified issues.

“More than ever, the market needs solutions that can be trusted and controlled,” said Julien Probst, Head of Products at InfoSec Global. “Protecting sensitive network communication is critical, and this offering has the unique capability to use classical, quantum safe, hybrid and future encryption technologies.”

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About InfoSec Global Inc.

InfoSec Global secures digital assets by helping the way people discover, protect, control and future-proof their crypto assets with agile cryptography. ISG’s solutions restore digital trust to enterprises, governments, and technology companies through crypto agility and a zero-trust framework. ISG reduces risk, improves resiliency, and protects against future threats posed by quantum, AI and machine-learning technologies. Visit us at

About KAON Broadband Co. Ltd

KAON Broadband provides broadband network solutions and services worldwide. Kaon products include stand-alone managed Wi-Fi Access Point Routers, Wi-Fi Mesh Extenders, and Gateway devices featuring Mesh-compatible Wi-Fi combined with DOCSIS, PON, and DSL access network technologies armed with the QUANTUM solution. Kaon believes that the enablement of an onboard APP ecosystem is a key element for the changing market environment for Home Connectivity. Learn more at  

About Sentinel Holding AG

Sentinel Holding AG is committed to developing and supporting Open Source platform standardization and value-added services ecosystem management tools in the CPE space. Our strong partnerships with innovative security and embedded services companies allow us to scale these solutions for Tier 1 Telecom gateways, routers, and set-top box devices. Learn more at

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