South Korea’s KT Corporation Turning out More Quantum Hybrid Technology for Smartphone Security

KT releases new technology for easy application of quantum cryptography communication with smartphone app

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+  KT, a major telecom company in South Korea, released a new technology that enables the quick and easy application of quantum cryptography communication with smartphone applications. The “quantum hybrid” technology is efficient in terms of cost and management as users do not need to purchase dedicated terminals.

+ Quantum hybrid technology can be applied with a single installation of the QS-VPN app to smartphones, KT said, adding it combines quantum key distribution (QKD) technology with post-quantum cryptography (PQC) technology to fundamentally block hacking threats from a 5G virtual private networks (VPN).

In the 5G era, the importance of cybersecurity in mobile communications will rise exponentially. Quantum cryptography has emerged as an essential solution for safeguarding critical information because it is impossible to copy data encoded in a quantum state.


+  KT has been selected by the Korea Information Society Agency (NIA) to set up and test a quantum cryptography network. KT and LGU+, a mobile carrier, have jointly developed a new quantum cryptographic technology to win approval from the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), an international telecommunication technology standardization governing body, as ITU’s international standard for quantum cryptography communication networks.

+  In March, KT unveiled a quantum communication technology that enables smartphones to communicate with each other using quantum encrypted voice data. The technique can enable private companies and customers to use quantum encryption technology without a physical scrambler device. Voice is encrypted to provide protection against real-time hacking attacks designed to eavesdrop on conversations.

Source:  Aju Business Daily.  Lim Chang-won,  KT releases new technology for easy application of quantum cryptography communication with smartphone app…

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