KT Corporation Develops Quantum-Software Defined Network Enhancing Network Quantum Cryptography Services

KT develops Q-SDN to monitor and control quantum cryptographic networks

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+  KT, a leading telecom company in South Korea, has developed a quantum-software defined network (Q-SDN) that can monitor and control quantum cryptographic networks from a central control center. It can link equipment from various manufacturers more easily if quantum cryptography networks are expanded.

“We applied technology and experience gained from network automation to quantum cryptography networks so that quantum cryptography services can be used more conveniently and safely,” KT’s infrastructure research institute head Lee Jong-sik said in a statement on July 22.


+  Software-defined networking (SDN), which makes networks agile and flexible, is an approach to cloud computing that facilitates network management and enables programmatically efficient network configuration.

+  Q-SDN optimizes quantum encryption key resource management and controls the transmission path of quantum encryption keys by monitoring and controlling quantum encryption communication networks from the center.

+  KT said that its Q-SDN technology adopted open interface standards to enhance compatibility between heterogeneous equipment. The technology would be applied to the establishment of a pilot quantum cryptography network.

Source:  Aju Business Daily.  Lim Chang-won,  KT develops Q-SDN to monitor and control quantum cryptographic networks…

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