U.S. Army Network Warfare Tomography Sees Challenges With Quantum Environment

Army scientist coauthors network performance for warfighters book

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+  Network tomography refers to the use of inference techniques to reconstruct detailed views of the network’s internal state from external measurements taken between a selected subset of peripheral nodes referred to as monitors. It advocates that it is possible to map the path data takes by examining information from edge nodes, the computers in which the data are originated and from which they are requested.

“Our research has led to scalable solutions for optimal monitor placement, measurement designs and inference in the deterministic case,” Swami said. “For the stochastic case, we have examined issues of probing experiment design via Fisher information, and developed optimal design approaches to ensure fast convergence of estimates to the ground truth network state. Theoretical results have been validated via extensive simulations based on synthetic topologies as well as with real-world topologies.”


+  In contrast to the conventional approach of direct measurement, as adopted in most commercial network monitoring systems, network tomography works on end-to-end measurements taken between monitors, and thus avoids the needs to rely on monitoring agents or protocol support at internal nodes, Swami said. This is particularly useful in monitoring closed network systems, for example peer autonomous systems in the Internet, underlay networks in an overlay network, optical components in a hybrid optical/electrical network, and partner networks in a military coalition network.

+  Another step is the extension of network tomography developed for “classical” networks to “Another step is the extension of network tomography developed for “classical” networks to “quantum” networks.“

+  The next ten years will see a rapid development and growth of quantum networks,” said Professor Don Towsley, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. “Management and control of these networks will benefit tremendously from the development and deployment of network tomography. However, adapting current techniques to the quantum environment will pose an exciting challenge.”

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