CB Insights: QuSecure Ranks Among Top Companies in Post-Quantum Cybersecurity

QuSecure Named as 1 of the Top 28 Cybersecurity Firms of 2021 by CB Insights

QuSecure, Inc. (QuSecure), a leading provider of post-quantum cybersecurity solutions, has been named as 1 of the top 28 cybersecurity firms by CB Insights in their “Cyber Defenders 2021: The 28 companies defending  businesses from next-gen cyber-attacks,” and Qusecure was chosen as one of only two companies for the prestigious Post-Quantum Cryptography category.

“I’m so proud of the team at QuSecure”

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QuSecure was selected for their post-quantum cybersecurity solutions, which help enterprise and government secure data from classical and quantum cyber-attacks. In addition to CB Insights, QuSecure has been featured as an industry leader in multiple publications recently, including:

“I’m so proud of the team at QuSecure,” said Dave Krauthamer, CEO of QuSecure. “This amazing group has accomplished more this year than I could have ever expected. We are all very proud to be recognized by industry-leading publications as a top company in cybersecurity and post-quantum network orchestration. Due to data harvesting and the upcoming quantum threat, we must protect our national data assets by helping enterprises, and the government fortify with post-quantum cybersecurity solutions. Our software-based quantum-resilient cybersecurity provides an improved layer of protection using a combination of our proprietary protocols along with NIST-approved algorithms. It protects organizations from current and future cyber threats.”

About QuSecure: QuSecure’s mission is to protect enterprise and government data from quantum and classical cybersecurity threats. Our patent-pending, quantum-safe solutions provide an easy transition path to quantum resilience across any organization. The company was recently selected to join the prestigious TechStars Space Accelerator and offers ultra-strong enterprise-wide post-quantum encryption solutions.

Source:  QuSecure (businesswire).  Skip Sanzeri,  QuSecure Named as 1 of the Top 28 Cybersecurity Firms of 2021 by CB Insights…

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