Arqit Leverages QuantumCloud Encryption Capability in Collaboration With Aerospace, Defense, and Security Firm Babcock

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Arqit and Babcock sign collaboration agreement for government and defence market

Partnership leverages Arqit’s QuantumCloud™ product in live operational scenarios to demonstrate encryption capabilities

Babcock International Group, the Aerospace, Defence and security company, has entered into a collaboration agreement with Arqit Limited (“Arqit”), a leader in quantum encryption technology. The agreement will see the two companies jointly test and experiment with a range of use case scenarios and practical applications for government and defence customers to demonstrate the encryption capabilities of Arqit’s QuantumCloud™ product. It will also see Babcock deepen its involvement in important areas of broader Quantum Technology development.

QuantumCloud™ creates software encryption keys, combining patented quantum and classical technologies. The product is simple and efficient to use at any cloud, edge, or end point device with no disruption to hardware or software required. Under the agreement, the software will be tested in live operational scenarios to demonstrate encryption capabilities in a dynamic environment and across a variety of platforms and military networks. This testing will include planned participation in a number of U.K. Government funded projects.

Specific projects of focus include unmanned ground vehicle programmes, secure manned and unmanned aerial vehicle programmes, secure maritime connectivity programmes and other projects that will come to fruition through ongoing conversations with UK government and R&D agencies.

Richard Drake, Managing Director of Babcock Mission Systems business said, “We’re continuing to develop our technology strategy with a particular interest in digital technologies, secure communications and other areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twins and autonomy.

As threats to data evolve we need to respond and grow our capabilities in line with new requirements. As such we are delighted to be collaborating with Arqit on this project, broadening our involvement in quantum encryption and enhancing our encryption capability offering to our customers for use on future projects and programmes.”

David Williams, Founder of Arqit added, “Partnering with Babcock to apply QuantumCloud™ in live defence use cases is a great opportunity to increase the momentum we have in this market.  Following the earlier announcement that QuantumCloudTM 1.0 is now live for commercial customers to use, we are excited to see its use expanding. We are certain that Arqit, uniquely amongst all other companies, has solved the security layer problem in the Joint All Domain Command and Control market. This gives Arqit, a massive near term revenue opportunity”.

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