Merging of Quantum Computing and Smart Technology

Merging of Quantum Computing and Smart Technology

Much of what we have in the current technology-of-convenience environment may have its use dramatically altered by the advent of quantum computing. From coffee making to your smartphone and the Internet of Things across to medical advances and physics, the introduction of the quantum computer will change technology’s use and direction. Interesting discussion from Riya Mehta. Qubit.

Merging Technological Phenomena- The Era Of Quantum Computing And Smart Technology

Excerpts and salient points ~

+  To define quantum computing in a nutshell, this intricate method of computation is described as using the quantum mechanical phenomenon and theories discussed before such as superposition and entanglement to perform computations as well as calculations.

The growing of these technological identities should not stop after explaining its benefits, instead, it should detail how these innovations combined can be advocates for the evolving demands of humans and connect us to a new way of life, one where our potential to create solutions for our planet becomes a new reality.

+  Let me give you an example of computing exponential amounts of data, to understand why quantum computations could redefine everything there is to know about data capacity. Hypothetically, let’s say you wished to map out the chemical compounds of the cup of coffee you had this morning. Now, there are over 1000 aroma compounds within that single cup of coffee, each with their own unique and complex properties (polyphenol, chlorogenic acids, and caffeine to name a couple of them). A normal laptop would take a greater amount of time to structure the information from the compounds and generate a sufficient layout. Although a quantum computer would be able to execute that very task in a matter of seconds while giving you a full run through of how the molecules in each compound would behave when triggered with different stimulants or substances, such as changes in temperature or the addition of new liquids.

+  I [Riya Mehta] personally have researched many known topics from biotechnology to some of the most intricate and complex technological systems known to mankind. There is only one thing I found in common with all these topics, the value in leveraging these existing technologies to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems.

Source:  Medium Technology.  Riya Mehta,  Merging Technological Phenomena- The Era Of Quantum Computing And Smart Technology…

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