More on LANL’s Quantum Computing Summer School

More on LANL’s Quantum Computing Summer School

Preparing the quantum workforce of the future

Excerpts and salient points ~

+  From faster financial analysis to better medicine for cancer treatment, quantum computers could solve bigger problems much faster than classical computers.

The school also brings in speakers from big tech (Google, Microsoft and IBM) and small startup companies (IonQ, Rigetti and D-Wave), all of which are building their own quantum computers in a high-stakes competitive race. So the students get a taste of both the academic and the industrial side of quantum computing.

+  The first two weeks of the program include a series of lectures on topics ranging from an introduction to quantum information theory to applications of quantum computing and machine learning.

+  This year’s quantum school focuses on near-term quantum computers, which means many students’ projects will center around developing hybrid quantum-classical algorithms and optimizing algorithms for quantum computers. “Near-term” is relative, and these quantum computers could still be five to 10 years away; a universal quantum computer, which could do anything that a classical computer could do, is likely even further away than that.

Source:  Lukasz.  Lukasz Cincio,  Preparing the quantum workforce of the future…

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