U.S., U.K., Canada Stand on Terra Firma v. China

U.S., U.K., Canada Stand on Terra Firma v. China

Seeing The Five Eyes In Our High-Tech Future

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+  It is vitally important that the U.S. and the West make sure they win that race. As it happens, the Five Eyes are also leading countries in quantum technology.  We already know that their intelligence services, including the National Security Agency, are working together on this breakthrough technology. But the channels of cooperation can be even broader and deeper.

After months of wondering whether China would flip two of our closest allies—Great Britain and Canada—by agreeing to let the tech equipment giant Huawei to build their advanced wireless networks, the integrity of the oldest intelligence-sharing network in the world, remains unshaken.

+  [T]he implications go beyond 5G. Another battle with China for the high-tech future is already raging, over quantum computers. + Today the United States, China, Russia, and more than twenty other nations are racing to develop the first universal quantum computer, which, among other capabilities, will be able to decrypt asymmetric encryption algorithms that even the fastest digital supercomputers cannot crack.

+  Two years ago I published a report for the Hudson Institute calling for a Five Eyes Quantum Network, which would coordinate the efforts in quantum information science for all five countries. I wrote:

“By devising a common quantum strategy; by securing common platforms and developing a system for testing those platforms as well as mobilizing quantum technology resources across national boundaries…by establishing a venue for regular consultation to plan and oversee the activities of the FVEY Quantum Network; by constructing a framework for adding other countries to the network, for example Japan and Israel; and by devising standards upon which quantum information-sharing with competitors is limited and/or monitored, a Quantum Network would further the national and economic security of all five countries, including the U.S. It would also encourage scientific and technical progress in the most constructive sense, for the benefit of all humanity, and not just a single country.”

Source:  Forbes.  Arthur Herman,  Seeing The Five Eyes In Our High-Tech Future…

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