South Korea Makes Moves to Secure Defense Capabilities With Quantum Technology

South Korea Big Bomb Framed

LIG Nex1 ties up with research university to secure quantum defense capabilities

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+  LIG Nex1, a defense contractor in South Korea, tied up with a state research university to secure future defense capabilities based on quantum technology that could have significant implications for security touching everything from extremely secure communications to the better detection of aircraft and submarines.

Advanced quantum information technologies may affect important national security tools and tasks, such as intelligence collection, solution optimization, encryption, stealth technology, computer processing, and communications. Quantum computers, cryptography, radars, and other quantum systems rely on the properties of quantum mechanics, which describes the behavior of matter at the subatomic scale.


+  LIG Nex1 said it has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST) to carry out joint research on quantum computing, quantum cryptography and quantum imaging. Quantum computing enables the high-speed processing of large-scale battlefield information and improves the reliability and accuracy of surveillance reconnaissance systems.

+  South Korean companies have tried to lead the standardization of quantum cryptographic communication technology. KT, a major telecom company in South Korea, has been selected for a project led by the Korea Information Society Agency (NIA) to set up and test a quantum cryptography network that will be utilized as a testbed to demonstrate new information and communication technology as well as other communication equipment.

Source:  Aju Business Daily.  Lim Chang-won ,  LIG Nex1 ties up with research university to secure quantum defense capabilities…

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