Japan’s Major Corporations Pooling Resources to Form Quantum Research Group

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Japan lines up Toshiba and NEC for quantum research group

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+  Toyota Motor, Toshiba, NEC and other big-name Japanese companies will partner with the government on a quantum research group forming as soon as this month to promote the development of a technology with major security implications.

“It’s difficult for a single company to do comprehensive work in the field on its own,” said Shintaro Sato, head of quantum computing development at Fujitsu. “We want broad partnerships in industry, government and academia, without limiting them to particular points.”


+  About 50 businesses are expected to join the public-private organization, including Fujitsu and Hitachi. The group plans to create a corporate entity for the initiative next year, and a fund for investment in the field has been proposed as well.

+  The research group aims to gather Japan’s quantum expertise in one place to put the technology to practical use. Teaming with peers will give companies opportunities to apply it to new products and services.

+  For the government, pooling the country’s quantum know-how will help incorporate the technology into national strategy. The program also aims to expand the pool of expert talent in the field.

Source:  NIKKEI Asia.  Rieko Miki & Akira Oikawa,  Japan lines up Toshiba and NEC for quantum research group…

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